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Acoustic Principles

Room Acoustics

Room acoustics are concerned with how the structural conditions of a room affect the noise phenomena occurring inside it.

Sound Absorption/Reflection

We speak of sound absorption when a sound wave meets a soft, elastic or porous body and is wholly or partially absorbed. When this happens, sound energy is converted into heat. When a sound wave hits a hard object and is thrown back, the result is a sound reflection.

Room Noise

Noise in a closed room which has already been reflected several times by the time it reaches the place where it is heard or measured.

Acoustic Quality

Acoustic quality means the suitability of a room for particular types of sound. The acoustic quality of a room refers in particular to the communication of speech and musical performances to those parts of the room which are intended to be occupied by people.

Speech Intelligibility

Basic criterion of acoustic quality in speech performance rooms. The subjective intelligibility of speech may be determined based on the percentage of correctly recognized syllables, words or sentences.

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