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Cementitious fireproofing is the application of a spray-applied material to a rated floor, roof, and/or column assembly to protect the structural steel of the building for a given period of time. At temperatures of 800 - 1,000 degrees F, steel can bend and buckle under the load of the building, with possible collapse ensuing. Spray-applied intumescent paints and spray-applied fire resistive material cling to the steel, preserving its strength.

Monokote MK-6/Southwest 5GP

Proven, in-place performance on interior structural steel makes these products the most widely used fireproofing in the world. Cost-effective, gypsum-based, cementitious spray applied fireproofing products designed for easy, fast application to steel and concrete substrates. Maximum flexibility for a wide variety of jobsite conditions.

Typical Uses
Interior, concealed applications such as:
• High rise and low rise commercialoffice buildings
• Government buildings
• Hotels, resorts and casinos
• Health care facilities
• Schools and museums

• High bond strength in excess of 200 psf
• Resists damage from air erosion and abrasion
• Gypsum-based formulation contains no mineral fibers
• No topcoat or surface sealer required

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Spray Fireproofing

Spray-applied cementitious fireproofing is specified by architects and favored by builders to protect a building's structural steel from failure in the event of fire.

Standard Density Gypsum

Interior concealed locations with normal building atmospheres represent low potential for fireproofing damage and are the traditional areas for standard density gypsum based products.

Medium Density Gypsum

Interior exposed and within reach locations pose a higher potential for physical damage and require the added strength of medium density fireproofing.

Medium Density Portland Cement

Prolonged exposure to moisture or extremely high humidity require the water resistance of a Portland cement product.

High Density Portland Cement

Exposure to physical abuse and water requires a high density Portland cement product.

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