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Bibi L. | New York, NY

This is the second time I've contracted Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing to do work for Answers. We originally had them do major soundproofing at our old offices in the Garment District; they soundproofed 2 private offices, 2 conference rooms, and installed 2 soundproofed doors, in addition to a glass pane window. Our new office is configured differently from our old, with a much more open space, and after less than 2 months in our new space, we found ourselves needing the same services in early March. They completed the installation of ceiling tiles in our primary conference room to minimize echoing. They also installed acoustical seals on several doors to prevent sound from traveling out of private offices. We are also planning to use their services again in the near future for additional sound baffling throughout the private offices.

Saying I am pleased with their work and professionalism is an understatement! In addition to Devin and the office staff, each member of the installation crew is punctual and professional. There were employees working throughout the office on the days of installation and no one had any complaints.

Brendan B. | New York, NY

Have been having work done on my place for a long time and have seen lots of crews come and go. The crew at BIS is the best I've seen. They're solid pros. They come in work hard and get the job done according to plan. Soundproofing is not cheap, and once you see what these guys do, you'll understand why.  This is labor intensive and material intensive work. In my case, I was told that 100% sound elimination was impossible and that the best I could hope for was a 70% sound reduction. I would say that it's at least 70%, maybe more. It came out better than I expected. And I saw what they were doing at every phase--if what they do doesn't bring down the decibels, then it can't be done. They're on top of the technology, the physics and the techniques. Impressive.

Chris E. | Astoria, NY

Excellent quality of work with a very courteous and professional staff and crew. Lots of information was provided on soundproofing by the company's head Devin. Website is also fabulous. Soundproofing job on a 120ft wall was taken care of in three days including demolition and lots of care was put into protecting the room from dust as the apartment where the room was situated is occupied. Highly recommended.

RK D. | Brooklyn, NY

I couldn't be happier!  The people are pleasant & responsive.  The work was expeditiously done.  It was a truly excellent experience altogether.

Shelley S. | Brooklyn, NY

Devin and his team just finished my insulation job.  I couldn't be 
happier with the professional way the job was handled, from the start of Devin
coming over on time and getting me a fast estimate. i met with a few different
people, not only was brooklyn insulation the cheapest but they are the only
ones who i even trust to come into my condo and do insulation and leave
for 3 days..

My luxury unit is 3 years old and was very cold and my bathroom was literally
freezing. i can attest that this insulation works and my condo feels cozier.

Brooklyn sound did the job in the time they said it would, when i came
back after 3 days the place was spotless like they were never ever here.

i highly recommend Devin and his team. There is no one better!!

Russ P. | Manhattan, NY

We've noticed the difference with the soundproofing since day 1. And it keeps getting better! Even some of our neighbors have asked us if it was worth it, and almost immediately I begin to smile. I don't have much of a poker face.

Thank you so much. You were all prompt and made us feel as though we were your only customers. That's a wonderful feeling! And, when the work was complete, there wasn't even a spec of dust in the living room that wasn't already there.

Glenn S. | Manhattan, NY

The job performed by Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing had gone beyond my expectations. The professional care from start to finish and everyone involved with the process, made what could have been a difficult task quite easy to understand and come back to. I have put you in my list of recommended companies which rarely gets added to with my 25 years of real estate sales, consulting and management.

Zach A. | New York, NY

My wife and I hired Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing to help solve a horrible problem with noise coming into our apartment through a shared wall with our neighbors.

BI&S worked with us to not only solve the noise issues, but also worked within our schedule. They promised to be in and out in a week - and they actually delivered! Michael & his team showed up as promised on Monday morning and were out by Friday afternoon.  BI&S left the apartment admirably clean, too... it's hard to tell that they were even here.

We're really happy thus far - the finished wall looks great and it's already very noticeably quieter in the apartment.   It's such a big improvement for our quality of life - and if you didn't know what the room looked like beforehand, you'd never know anything had been done. This was a wonderful departure from our previous experiences with contractors.  I had reservations initially about whether it was worth it to embark on this soundproofing project - but now, I am simply glad we did it.

Steve K. | Long Island City, NY

I hired Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing to have just over 520sq. feet of ceiling replaced for soundproofing purposes. Looking to ease the footstep/impact noise from upstairs neighbors, I went with a full demolition, insulation, Genie Clip, Double 5/8" drywall, Green Glue retrofit of the Living room and master bedroom spaces. Long story short, these guys were professional, clean, polite, and finished the job just ahead of schedule (2/24/12). They treated our home as if it was their own, and went above and beyond, helping re-paint areas that they did not have to, and spending extra time mopping and cleaning the common areas of the condo to satisfy the super. Robert and his crew are excellent! They were early to work every day, eager to get started, and wasted no time.
 Communication could not have been better between Devin, Robert, and the crew.
I would not hesitate to call them again, or recommend their services.

Jennifer R. | Brooklyn, NY

I've spent years suffering in the winter because of drafty rooms in my home. After my last bad experience with blown-in insulation, I was very concerned about choosing a company that would do the job right. After much research, the company I chose was Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing.

Excellent job. They showed up on time and were polite, helpful and very friendly. They worked the entire time they were here and did everything just as they said they would at the exact cost they quoted. There were no hidden fees or gimmicks. They even cleaned up after they were finished.

I can't rate on my heating bills yet, because the weather has been warm. But I did notice a 10 degree increase in the room temperature within 24 hours of installation and that's without the heat on.

I am most happy with the work that has been done and trust that my home will now be warmer and that my fuel bills will be lower.

I am delighted to tell of my complete satisfaction with the insulation and with the service and courtesy provided by the Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing team. I have no hesitation in using Brooklyn Insulation again and recommending the services of their company to my fiends.

Eric R. | Brooklyn, NY

These guys are phenomenal - I can't believe there are not a ton of rave reviews here for this company, and to be honest I almost didn't hire them for lack of existing feedback, so I'm happy to be able to help get the ball rolling for them. Here's my scenario: the hardwood floors of the apartment above were transmitting the footsteps of my neighbors directly downward in an alarming way, such that you could literally tell at any moment what the neighbors were doing, where they were in the apartment, etc. Given that there was coming and going at all hours, it was driving us below crazy as you could never just fall asleep at night for fear of being woken up at any moment by loud and impactful thumping from above. Although they were sympathetic, the neighbors would not put down carpeting for a variety of reasons (allergies, animals, cost, etc). Our only recourse was to try to soundproof our ceiling. That's the point at which we hired Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing.

I'll split this review into two parts, the process and the results.

As you can probably imagine from my intro, we were really impressed with this company - here's why: to start with, the owner, Devin, made two site visits to see the situation and discuss options, once to generate a quote (or rather a couple of quotes, for different approaches to the problem), and once after we had decided on a strategy but still had a bunch of new questions that had come up. Soundproofing is a tricky science, and Devin made every effort to explain how things worked, at an understandable technical level. I had done a fair amount of research on my own and I really felt like he knew his stuff.

Since the way we were going to address the problem was to remove the existing ceiling and put up a new one suspended independently from little rubber 'clips' - a method known as decoupling - we wanted to make sure our apartment would be properly protected during all the upheaval, and Devin not only understood our concerns but did a GREAT job of protecting everything. Anything that we asked to have special attention, got even more layers of cover!

The work took about a week, with the first day being just about protecting and taping up every exposed part of the space. They put thick paper and masonite on all the floors and counters, and taped up doors and other openings with plastic film. Our apartment looked like an armored personnel carrier. Then the ceiling came down and the heavy work started. Throughout the process, both Devin and his foreman, Robert, were always available to answer questions and discuss their actions. They even encouraged us to check up on them and look over their shoulders as much as we wanted (something most craftspeople loathe!). They also proposed things we hadn't thought about, like taking advantage of the ceiling being gone to run extra speaker and power cables. The foreman even installed an extra outlet and sconce for us in a far corner of the apartment that had previously been difficult to light. Things stayed on schedule, despite some complications during the work that required a last-minute change in how the new ceiling was to be hung.

The repainting and finishing work was also completely professional and thorough. They made special trips to the paint store to match our original wall colors and their plaster guy did an amazing job of creating a smooth finish over a very large space, despite doing most of his work from atop a high scaffold. No problems here.

Their load-out was swift and efficient as well (even with 6 flights of stairs to deal with!). The foreman had been sending things out as they finished with them all throughout the week, and they got everything carried out on the last day in record time. Unfortunately, there was a lot of plaster dust coating everything they removed, and while they mopped down the space afterward, there was still quite a bit of plaster dust around and we ended up spending a half day cleaning everything ourselves until the apartment was back to what we considered 'normal'. It would be great if they had assigned someone to a more thorough cleaning detail at the end of the process so this could have been avoided.

OK, so was it worth it? definitely, but that answer may be different for everyone as this kind of major renovation is expensive and the results may not be what you hope for. First off, be aware that you will probably not eliminate all the sounds that are annoying you; but for us they were certainly much reduced, and what matters most, they are no longer loud enough to wake us up at night. Suspending the ceiling eliminated the 'spatialization' of sound that was such a big part of the problem for me personally - the fact that I could hear the neighbors clearly walk around from place to place.

Verdict: if you want to go ahead with soundproofing, you simply can't do better than with these guys.

Vimal S. | Brooklyn, NY

Emailed regarding an estimate - Devin got back to me and we set up an appointment for an on-site quote.  He was on time and explained everything about the process.  On the day of the appointment, team should up on time, took all precautions to cover everything in the room and block the room itself with plastic.  Everything went smoothly and as discussed without any problems or issues.  We have plans to use them to insulate our attic/crawl space next year.

Sonic W. | New York, NY

Exceptional work, great customer service and very competitive prices - not your typical contractor/home repair experience!  I was looking for an insulation company that worked exclusively with green materials (cellulose), and could also handle a soundproofing job. Brooklyn Insulation totally fit the bill.

My apartment was super noisy and drafty even with every double paned window closed. A few companies came over for quotes, and I got the usual Joe the Contractor vibe - talking to me like I didn't know what I needed, or trying to oversell me, big time.  Brooklyn Insulation gave me some great price saving suggestions, started and finished on time, and left my apt very clean. Green is the way to go, but even if saving the environment and your health is not a major concern, these guys are Highly Recommended!

Brooklynista | Brooklyn, NY

We were very pleased with Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing:

Larry S. | New York, NY

Two walls of my office were soundproofed in order to manage noise coming in from the lobby. I am a psychiatrist so quiet is very important. They basically built two new walls creating an air space with soundproofing material in between.

The job went smoothly with excellent results.  I hear no noise from the lobby - versus crying babies, loud voices - and the detail work - painting, moldings, etc. - was excellent. I would definitely use them again.  Devin and his crew were great.

Miriam S. | New York, NY

Soundproofing of three walls - one in bedroom and two in living room.  Detached walls installed adjacent to existing walls and insulation inserted between the two.  Two layers of drywall with green glue in between installed on top of the detatched wall for maximum soundproofing.  Triple hung 8 ft window removed to allow for efficient delivery of materials and re-installed.

If  there was a grade above A, I would give it to this company based on my experience.  From the initial call to the last piece of clean-up work, the experience was hands down the most pleasant and gratifying of any renovation work I have had done.  My apartment is a small fourth floor walk-up apartment in a Landmark building in Manhattan - all of which add complications to any kind of renovation work.  The team from BIS handled everything professionally with innovative solutions and worked with the Co-Op Superintendent to keep disruption to a minimum.My building was built in the 1910's, with almost no soundproofing.  The situation became unbearable when very loud nocturnal neighbors moved in and completely disrupted my living and sleeping for months.  After much research online, I contacted BIS and had a phone consultation with Michael.  From the problem description, he gave me a cost estimate and came out promptly for an on-site review and estimate.  It was clear that he knew his business and suggested what would work best, advised how the work would be done, how much space would be lost and warned that existing decorative mouldings may not be able to be replaced exactly as they were, but every effort would be made to restore them.Once I decided to go ahead, the work was scheduled promptly and Michael made another onsite visit with Robert who would be performing the work.  Robert was very pleasant and professional and he again explained how the work would be done, how the room would look afterwards and both met with the Superintendent to discuss how the materials would be delivered and installed.The work was completed a day ahead of schedule, with regular updates on progress and the rooms restored to their original state and repainted.  There was some moulding work that could not be restored - but nothing more than had been explained in advance and the clean up was superb.  From the initial call to completion, there was no surprises.  MOST IMPORTANTLY - the results of the Soundproofing have truly been life changing!  One month later and I only hear a very occassional, very muffled noise from next door.  This is from a situation where it sounded like the neighbors were actually in my living room, I could hear their conversations so I don't even know if they are home or not.  It is fantastic.  I am very grateful to this company for not only the result, but their professionalism and ethical approach.  Everyone I dealt with was pleasant, courteous and very helpful.  Professional soundproofing is not an inexpensive process - but for me it has proven to be priceless and well worth the cost for the comfort it has brought.  If you have a problem with noise that is affecting your quality of life, I would highly recommend you give BIS a call.

John R. | Jersey City, NJ

2 walls and ceiling in my bedroom were soundproofed. cabinets were removed from bedroom walls. Double layer of gypsum with Green Glue insulation applied to both walls. A single layer of gypsum and Green Glue was applied to the ceiling. finish work included patching, prepping for painting.

Devin and his team from Brooklyn Soundproofing finished on-time and on-budget. They cleanup the debris, although there was still a lot of dust to clean up. They showed up promptly for the free estimate and when work began. I recommend getting the double drywall and green glue application. Even with the soundproofing, i can still hear my neighbors, but it is muffled and much better than before.

Geraint P. | New York, NY

Two walls soundproofed in a bedroom. Highly recommended, quality workmanship, great results.

We wanted one of our bedroom walls soundproofed to reduce the noise coming from a neighbor's living room. Devin's team gave a competitive estimate to other companies, but what impressed us was that they also looked at the adjacent wall, identified it would be a problem, but said that they would experiment with options in order to maximise the soundproofing. In the end, they added additional layers of sheetrock and Green Glue to two large walls (pretty much for the price of one), including isolating the electric sockets, working around the sprinkler system, and replacing the molding. The work took about three days. We emptied the room and the team was absolutely professional, putting sheeting on the floor and in the corridor to the front door, working as quietly and unobtrusively as realistically possible, insisting on taking breaks / food etc away from the building, and being extremely respectful generally of the apartment and building. They repainted the walls with paint they had got pretty close to the other walls (unfortunately, I didn't have any of the original paint as it was a new build) and even repainted the ceiling to keep everything tidy. In terms of soundproofing, it's not perfect, but it is HUGELY better. Normal level TV / music / conversation can't be heard at all (even though it's deafening in the corridor outside), and they have to turn it up pretty loud before I can hear it. Our (un-soundproofed) bathroom is adjacent, so I can still hear the same old cacophony there but retreat to complete silence in the bedroom. The two things the soundproofing doesn't stop is the sound of shoes on hard flooring (eg high heels, boots or shoes with hard soles) which sound like a snare drum, and the slam of her front door at 2am most nights. If you want some soundproofing done, these guys are great. Would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Lisa G. | New York, NY

An amazing Soundproofing Company!!

From the beginning Brooklyn Soundproofing and Insulation was on top of the job. I had a home estimate and from the first day to the end, the company's performance was over 100%. They said the job would take 3 days and it took only 3 days. I had to soundproof my wall in my living room because I could literally hear my next door neighbor breathing as well as having temper tantrums every other day. They cleared out the space and kept the work in an enclosed area to prevent the dust from spreading through the apt. The workers were amazing and they did a great job putting a soundproof wall over my existing wall in the living room. After the wall was completed, I couldn't even tell that a new wall was installed. It looked perfectly natural and part of the apt. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a little peace and quiet in their home.

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